one (1) ether is equal to one (1) Ethereum Sweepstakes Token.
To enter, send your Ether(s) to The Ethereum Sweepstakes contract address.
You will receive one SWEEP token for every entry you make.

The Ethereum Sweepstakes Jackpot will be immediately drawn after the sale of the last SWEEP token.

Set Gas Limit to 250,000 or transaction may fail


What do I need to play Ethereum sweepstakes?

1. Digital Currency Wallet –

Your digital crypto currency wallet is where you will send your ether(s) from to receive the Ethereum Sweepstakes entries, which will be in the form of a SWEEP token, the blockchain equivalent of an entry ticket. Your digital crypto currency wallet is also where the winnings will be automatically paid to if you win. We recommend the MetaMask digital crypto currency wallet or the Jaxx crypto currency wallet.

2. Ether –

Ether is a form of a digital currency from Ethereum. Ether(s) are equal to an Ethereum Sweepstakes entrie at a 1:1 ratio. Example. 1 Ether = 1 Ethereum Sweepstakes Entry (SWEEP). You will require 1 ether for each entry you wish to purchase, plus the gas required to send Ether

How much gas to I need?
Most wallets, such as Metamask and Mist wallet estimate gas required for transactions. We recommend you set your gas limit to no less 250000. In order to transfer/send 1 ether you will have to pay the gas charges. Make sure that you have more than 1 ether to cover gas charges. We recommend you purchase at least 1.1 ethers, to cover the gas charges, which will include transfer from your brokerage account to your Digital Crypto currency wallet and the transfer from your Crypto Currency Wallet to The Ethereum Sweepstakes contract address at 0x357f07aC89ee6329A70cA837d6BfC16B0275015f
How Do I Install a digital crypto currency Wallet?

(Any digital crypto currency wallet that can hold Ether(s) will allow you to transfer Ethers for a Sweep token entrie(s)). If you do not have a digital crypto currency wallet, we recommend:

1. MetaMask Wallet – Available for Chrome browser only.

Open chrome and go to

2. Installing Jaxx

Go to to download and install Jaxx Wallet.

Jaxx supports Desktop, Chrome plugin, Android and iPhone

How to purchase Ethers to enter the Ethereum Sweepstakes?

1. – If using MetaMask Wallet, Metamask is connected with Coinbase. Coinbase is available in 32 countries. You can setup an account at to purchase ether(s). If you are purchasing from the USA, you can do so directly from your MetaMask wallet by clicking the buy button in the MetaMask wallet.

2. – Coinmama is available worldwide. Coinmama is available worldwide. Coinmama is an exchange that will allow you to purchase Ethers with your credit card in your local currency. Coinmama is a reputable exchange that has been in the cryptospace since 2014.

3. is a Bitcoin exchange that also sells ETHERS via a credit card transaction. works with many countries worldwide.

What are the steps required to enter the Ethereum Sweepstakes?
1. Install Digital Wallet
2. Purchase Ether(s)
3. Transfer ether into your Digital Wallet from your brokerage
4. Send Ether(s) from your digital wallet to Ethereum Sweepstakes at address 0x357f07aC89ee6329A70cA837d6BfC16B0275015f
*DO not send Ether from your brokerage account. If you do and win, you will not be able to collect your winnings*
What if I send ether from a brokerage?
DO not send Ether from your Crypto brokerage account. If you do and win, you will not be able to collect your winnings. Prizes will only be sent to address in which Ethers were received. We are unable to track entries from Brokerages. You entry will be lost and will not be refunded. If you are unsure, please contact [email protected] us prior to entry.
Why can I not purchase more than 10 SWEEP Tokens?
We have a purchase limit of 10 SWEEP Tokens for a single transaction. You can purchase more SWEEP Tokens, by doing multiple transfers to The Ethereum Smart Contract address.
Why do I not see my SWEEP Token?
If you send ether, The Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract will automatically send out one SWEEP token for every Ether that you send. If your Digital Wallet does not show the SWEEP token, you may need to add a Watch Token. Please refer to your Digital Wallet instructions or contact us for help. You can check your transaction and/or smart contract at to verify that your wallet address was entered and SWEEP Token(s) were transferred.
If I do not receive my SWEEP Token, am I not entered even though I sent my Ether?
YES. If you have sent The Ethereum Sweepstakes at least one Ether and the transaction was successful for your SWEEP Token purchase, your digital wallet will be entered into The Ethereum Sweepstakes. Your Digital wallet address is stored in the smart contract. So if you do not see your SWEEP token, you will still be entered. The Digital Wallet that you sent ether from will be where your prize will be sent if you are selected as a prize winner.
Can I transfer my SWEEP token to another Digital Wallet address for payment of Prizes?
The Smart Contract will only send winning prizes to Digital Wallet that purchased the SWEEP Token. You may transfer your purchased SWEEP token to any Digital Wallet you choose after you receive it, however any Ethereum Sweep prize winners will only receive prizes to Digital Wallet address used to initially purchase SWEEP Token.

1 SWEEP Ticket/Token for 1 ETH
Send 1.0 to 10 Ether to the following smart contract address:
Click here for detailed instructions
Set Gas Limit to 250,000 or transaction may fail
Do not send from brokerage wallet


Buy 10% - 100% of 1 SWEEP Ticket/Token
Send 0.1 - 1.0 (max 10.0) Ether to address:
Click here for group play instructions


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