• 1 SWEEP
  • Ticket Cost: 1 ETH ($207 USD)
  • Jackpot: $310,326,078 USD
  • Earn 1 ESPS Tokens
    Profit Sharing: Est. 9.7% of Revenue
  • 10 SWEEP
  • Ticket Cost: 10 ETH ($2,069 USD)
  • Jackpot: $310,326,078 USD
  • Earn. 15 ESPS Tokens
    Profit Sharing: Est. 9.7% of Revenue

Send 1 to 10 Eth to the following smart contract address to play:

Set Gas Limit to 250,000 or transaction may fail. Do not send from brokerage wallet



How ESPS Profit Sharing Tokens Work

ESPS token holders will receive profit sharing on all future Sweep contest and block chain games. Profit sharing is estimated at 9.7% of revenue from any future Sweepstakes and block chain games.

SWEEP token holders will be able to register and redeem ESPS tokens at the conclusion of Ethereum Sweepstakes. ESPS tokens will also be listed at after issuance is complete.

Profit Sharing Breakdown of Sweepstakes

4 Million SWEEP
4 Million ETH

60% Prize Money
20-20.3% Marketing & Affiliate Fees
5% Administration and Maintenance
5% Ethereum Foundation Donation
9.7% Profit Share
9.7% = 388,000 ETH
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