Group SWEEP Token

SEND 0.1 – 0.9 ETH to



Share a SWEEP Token.
Share in the winnings.
$30,942,812 USD (Live Rate) could be yours, with 10% of a SWEEP Token!

How it works?

  • Each 0.1 Ether will provide you with 10% ownership of a SWEEP Token. You may purchase as many 10% blocks as you wish.
  • Groups are created randomly by combining receiving digital currency wallet addresses to total One Ether = One Sweep Token (For example if 11 people send in 0.1 ETH,  10 will be combined to create a Group Sweep Token Wallet. The 11th person will become part of the next Group Sweep Token Wallet).
  • Once enough Group purchases have been received to purchase one Group Sweep Token Wallet.  A Group Sweep Token Wallet will be created,  a SWEEP Token will be purchased with created wallet and the SWEEP Token Wallet will be assigned to your contributing digital currency wallet.
  • You will be able to search your Contributing Digital Currency Wallet address here, to see your percentage of ownership and the address your SWEEP Token Wallet.
  • To confirm that a SWEEP Token Wallet and Entry has been made you will have to enter the assigned SWEEP Token Wallet address at


What Happens if my SWEEP Token Wallet Wins?

  • If your assigned SWEEP Token Wallet wins, it will be receive Ethers automatically from the Ethereum Sweep contract.  Once this occurs, the total prize amount will be sent to your contributing wallet based on the percentage that you own of the SWEEP Token Wallet.


How to Play

*Please do not send from a brokerage digital currency wallet or any other wallet address that is unable to receive Ethers

  1. You may send 0.1 to 0.9 ethers, for 10% to 90% ownership of a SWEEP Token Entry.  (For example, if you 20% of a SWEEP Token, you would send 0.2 ETH) *Do not send over 1 Ether. Send ETH in increments of only 0.1
  2. Check for your Group Sweep Token Wallet address here, so that you can track it and confirm it has purchased a SWEEP token on
  3. Please allow 24-48 hours to check your Group Sweep Token Wallet.  The process requires processing time, since you are not purchasing a SWEEP Token directly from smart contract.
  4. Good Luck

For Group Play Only – SEND ETH to


If you do not understand Group Buying / SWEEP Token Sharing please contact us at [email protected]