How to Play Ethereum Sweepstakes


What do I need to play Ethereum sweepstakes?

1. Digital Currency Wallet –

Your digital crypto currency wallet is where you will send your ether(s) from to receive the Ethereum Sweepstakes entries, which will be in the form of a SWEEP token, the blockchain equivalent of an entry ticket. Your digital crypto currency wallet holding your SWEEP 8 Token (SWP8) entry is also where the winnings will be automatically paid to if you win.

2. Ether –

Ether is a form of a digital currency from Ethereum. Ether(s) are equal to an Ethereum Sweepstakes entry at a .01:1 ratio. Example. .01 Ether = 1 Ethereum Sweepstakes Entry (SWP8). You will require a minimum of 0.01 ether for each entry you wish to purchase, plus the gas required to send Ether

How much gas to I need?
Most wallets, such as Metamask and Mist wallet estimate gas required for transactions. We recommend you set your gas limit to no less 250000. In order to transfer/send 1 ether you will have to pay the gas charges. Make sure that you have more than 1 ether to cover gas charges. We recommend you purchase at least 1.1 ethers, to cover the gas charges, which will include transfer from your brokerage account to your Digital Crypto currency wallet and the transfer from your Crypto Currency Wallet to The Ethereum Sweepstakes contract address at 0x90D5A8C515250e116b781ad8DAE1eB87d50DA911
How Do I Install a digital currency Wallet?

(Any digital crypto currency wallet that can hold Ether(s) will allow you to transfer Ethers for a Sweep token entrie(s)). If you do not have a digital crypto currency wallet, we recommend:

1. MetaMask Wallet – Available for Chrome browser only.

Open chrome and go to https://metamask.io/.

2. Create a Ethereum wallet at MyEtherWallet (MEW) Go to https://myetherwallet.com/.

How to purchase Ethers to enter the Ethereum Sweepstakes?

You can purchase

1. worldmarkets.io – World Markets exchange lets you purchase ETH directly

2. changelly.com – Changelly allows you to purchase ETH immediately with Credit Card, or exchange BTC and other cryptocurrencies for ETH

What are the steps required to enter the Ethereum Sweepstakes?
1. Install Digital Wallet
2. Purchase Ether(s)
3. Transfer ether into your Digital Wallet
4. Send Ether(s) from your digital wallet to Ethereum Sweepstakes at address 0x193A454F97aC9F2bE7f0ff6A5a91419D8dE7F3c4
*DO not send Ether from your brokerage account. If you do and win, you will not be able to collect your winnings*
What if I send ether from a brokerage?
DO not send Ether from your Crypto exchange account. If you do and win, you will not be able to collect your winnings. Sweepstakes winner is selected by randomly selecting wallet address that holds a June 2020 Ethereum Sweepstakes Tokey – SWP8 token. Sending ETH address from an exchange account will not accept the SWP5 token and credit to your account. If you are unsure, please contact [email protected] us prior to entry.
Why do I not see my SWEEP Token?
If you send ether, The Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract will automatically send out one SWP8 token for every 0.01 ETH that you send. If your Digital Wallet does not show the SWP2 token, you may need to add a Watch Token. Please refer to your Digital Wallet instructions or contact us for help. You can check your transaction and/or smart contract at etherscan.io to verify that your wallet address was entered and SWP2 Token(s) were transferred.
Can I transfer my SWP8 token to another Digital Wallet address for payment of winnings?
The Smart Contract sends the jackpot to a randomly selected wallet address that holds a SWP7 token at the time of draw (Julyt, 2020 12:00am UTC). You can transfer or gift SWP8 tokens to any wallet
Is Ethereum Sweepstakes an ICO
Ethereum Sweepstakes is not an ICO. It is a random 50/50 draw with a guaranteed winner. Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract address is 0x193A454F97aC9F2bE7f0ff6A5a91419D8dE7F3c4. Our contract code is verified and available to you at https://etherscan.io/address/0x193A454F97aC9F2bE7f0ff6A5a91419D8dE7F3c4
Past winners of Ethereum Sweepstakes are available at Ethereum Sweepstakes Past Winners
What is a Smart Contract?
DEFINITION of ‘Smart Contracts’
Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.While blockchain technology has come to be thought of primarily as the foundation for bitcoin, it has evolved far beyond underpinning the virtual currency



What are the rules?
1. The Ethereum Sweepstakes will draw one winner on July 1, 2020 at 12:00 UTC.
2. Winner will receive 50% of total ETH entered to the Ethereum Sweepstakes Smart Contract
3. Winner will automatically receive winning Ethers to selected wallet address that holds a SWP2 Token at the time of draw.
4. Odds are depending on the number of entries. 0.01 ETH = 1 SWP8 Token (one entry)
When is the winner picked?
The Jackpot winner is selected on June 30, 2020 midnight UTC.
How many entries are available?
The amount of entries are unlimited. The jackpot will grow as more entries are received.



How do I know I won?

Winner will posted at ethereumsweepstakes.io once they are selected. You can also check your wallets after July 1, 2020 to see if you have won. Jackpot ETH are automatically sent to the winner without any need to claim the prizes.

What is the jackpot prize amount?

Jackpot prize is depending on amount of entries. The jackpot is 50% of all ETH entered into the Ethereum Sweepstakes Smart Contract.


What happens if I’ve got a question and it’s not listed here?
If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can email us at [email protected], contact us at Contact Us

1 SWEEP Ticket/Token for 0.01 ETH
Send 0.01 to 10 Ether to the following smart contract address:
Set Gas Limit to 250,000 or transaction may fail
Do not send from brokerage wallet