About Us

The Ethereum Sweepstakes is the world’s first, largest jackpot and best odds smart contract sweepstakes developed on the ethereum blockchain.

The Ethereum Sweepstakes is not a company. It’s a smart contract that conducts a decentralized sweepstakes with a fix number of prize money and Jackpot. We believe the quality and value of Ethereum Sweepstakes contract technology will validate its superiority above all existing sweepstakes and lottery services. We stand for fundamental blockchain values (decentralization, disintermediation, transparency, security and freedom).

Blockchain is not just about people – it’s about providing people with the right
technology. It’s about revolutionizing historic industries which have long been based on monopolies and a lack of transparency and have worked against the benefit of the community. Like the blockchain and the idea of the smart contract, the Ethereum Sweepstakes is not about the people behind it, It is about the people who use it and their fully transparent freedom to win.

The Ethereum Sweepstakes (SWEEP) is an Ethereum smart contract where all
operations are recorded on the blockchain and publicly available. SWEEP is a sweepstakes where there are 4,000,000 SWEEP Tokens available for sale and upon the sale of the last of the 4,000,000th SWEEP Token, a randomized selection of 111,111 wallets who hold SWEEP tokens will be chosen on the blockchain as winners.  Ethereum coin prizes will automatically be transferred to the winning wallets.


1 SWEEP Ticket/Token for 1 ETH
Send 1.0 to 10 Ether to the following smart contract address:
Click here for detailed instructions
Set Gas Limit to 250,000 or transaction may fail
Do not send from brokerage wallet


Buy 10% - 100% of 1 SWEEP Ticket/Token
Send 0.1 - 1.0 (max 10.0) Ether to address:
Click here for group play instructions